Endoscopic Systems

Our Endoscopic Systems:

Suction/Irrigation units

PURGATOR PLUS IIWith the launch of the PURGATOR PLUS, GIMMI® has introduced a further development in suction and irrigation technology to the market. The new unit combines the advantages of ...



Insufflators ALPHADUOLAPThe latest technology and the easy operation has come to move thenew ALPHADUOLAP insufflators into the top class of the newest generation. Five generously dimensioned and logically arranged displays ...


Electrosurgical units

ALPHATOMENDO 400The newly developed GIMMI® ALPHATOMENDO 400 electrosurgery unit, capable of developing up to 400 W power, covers all bipolar and monopolar surgicaland endoscopic applications. The ALPHATOMENDO 400 reaches its ...


Digital endoscopy cameras

Digital endoscopy camera ALPHAVERSATILE II HDThe new GIMMI® ALPHAVERSATILE II HD opens up new dimensions in the world of digital endoscopy.The high-resolution, fully digital 1/3“ camera offers, aside from 7 ...


Equipment trolley

ALPHALINE / ALPHALINE ECO / ALPHALINE 45GIMMI® offers a wide range of equipment carriers for endoscopic surgery.Due to the modular design, an ideal end economical configuration is possible for every ...


Digital video documentation unit

Digital video documentation unit – ALPHAMULTISTOREFundamental knowledge of surgical procedures and requirements for a rapid, secure and smooth documentation of images and videos were the prerequisites for the newly developed ...


Surgical power driver

ALPHAPOWERDRIVER IIALPHAPOWERDRIVER II excelling by way of comfortable operation, generous configuration and sovereign performance.In addition to the shaver handpiece included in the delivery, a drill hand piece and a sagittal ...


Light sources

Light source ALPHAXENON LIGHT 300 WIn endoscopic applications the quality of light always is a decisive factor for the performance of the overall system. GIMMI® light sources are characterized by ...



HD 32“ Medical Monitor – SonySony introduces an exceptional High Definition 32-inch*1 widescreen medical grade monitor – the LMD-3250MD. Incorporating a superb quality full HD (1920x1080) LCD panel, this monitor ...

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